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professional photography credit to Lisa Shepard of Aimage

While in their "shopping" phase, brides consistently approach &
express their opinion & perspective on how important the role of
selecting a good,"non-cheesy" style of DJ service is one of the most
important vendor selections they contemplate or research.
We win much of our business from these brides.

We propose that we are the best value/return on investment you
can hire to contribute toward a successful event for your wedding day.

Many vendors can provide goods or services for your wedding day,
but few others have the impact or influence over the atmosphere,
flow, & "guest enjoyment" of a reception than a quality DJ / host.

Leverage our experience: full circle media has booked over 600 weddings, when you add in the number of weddings that our DJ's have performed outside of fcm, that number approaches 900.
After planning & participating in so many weddings, we can offer thoughtful & informed recommendations of best flow when authoring your timeline together. Such experience also yields a more fluid command of adaptability when some course or action within the event throws a "curve ball."

The Wedding Package includes our signature consultative planning & collaboration method that includes an in depth conversation about BOTH music & timeline to ensure the best possible delivery of tailored service.

Special Bride & Groom dances, family dances, songs for key activity moments, dances to honor your heritage, dedication songs, toasts, and any other activities want to include are all pre-planned & extensively documented into provided PDF summary forms & timelines to ensure all reception activities occur as scheduled.

On top of having immense DJ experience, we are your professional, tasteful & unobtrusive Host & Master of Ceremonies without being a cliché, boisterous, clown that awkwardly draws attentions to ourselves. "Stealing" the show from the Bride & Groom IS NOT OUR STYLE.

Despite their immeasurable value, almost half of our clients don't hire a professional wedding coordinator.
For those occasions we help play the role of a "Timeline Manager" during the course of the reception to help captain the flow of the evening.
Our PDF timelines may be shared with your other vendors at the reception so everyone is "on-the-same-page."
We recognize that we are one of many vendors & we will pro-actively "play well with others"
(vendors that is)
, in the common interest of a smooth flowing event for you.

The music format for the Wedding Package is often heavily influenced by love-themed classic jazz (that grows in energy) over the dining/mingling time, and radio-friendly-familiar party classics appealing to all generations & backgrounds during the party/dancing time. We welcome your input on the styles of music you want at any part of the night, whether it's general artists you like, or a script of specific songs; including a "Do NOT Play List."

We give you the opportunity to be as hands on & involved with the music selection as you wish. We've got tens of thousands of titles in our library and we're confident we can pick the 60-75 great songs appropriate for practically any reception; even without client input. If you need help, ideas or inspiration, we can also provide song list resources. Other (franchise) services may come in with a "canned-format" without inviting such input.

For more information on continue to Timeline & Planning.

It's important for us to know what is important to you;
so we know HOW to do a great job for you.

When you secure full circle media for your reception,
you're securing an experienced and consultative
friend to help you plan your reception;
it's like having a reception planning assistant on retainer
from our hire date until the end of the reception.

In return we may ask for a referral as word of mouth is our most valuable resource.