More "Fine Print" below

Rates are estimated* for a 3.5 hour on-site/performance time; in the Austin area.
* setup & teardown are included with service and not considered part of the "performance time"
* rate beyond 3.5 hours is $80/hr
* any additional taxes are already merged into the published rate
* gratuity is never assumed though certainly appreciated if earned

"Idle Time," defined as an amount of time where we need to be setup & ready, on stand-by, awaiting our opportunity to begin the service. An example of this may be: You have the DJ setup in the same area as the ceremony, but you can't have your DJ setting up while the ceremony is going on because it would be too distracting. Thus, you may need to add some idle time factored into the master timeline & contract.
Idle time is billed at 50% of the normal rate

A Deposit of 25-40% is required to secure your date.
- deposit may vary based on variable conditions....

Outstanding balance is due 7 days prior to the event date in the form of a check,
or as late as the day of the event in the form of cash, cashiers check or money order.
Credit Card option via PayPal's "send-invoice" method with $10 transaction fee applied to rate.

Unscheduled over-time (extending the party beyond the contracted stop time)
is billed at a rate $100/hr. and can only be authorized by a proper representative of the client.

For bookings outside Austin area please contact us for a quote

Night-club work by consultation.