A few words about the confidence I have in my team:

I had always been cautious to grow the business beyond myself at the risk of being represented below certain standards & principles in which fcm was founded. In 2000 I began to leverage DJ employees whom I trusted on more than just a casual business level, but on a personal friendship level, by taking events under my fcm brand. I've found a few other DJ's who are as passionate as I am about satisfying clients with their DJ talents.

Kathy, RJ, Blaine, Frank, and Mike like myself, all have their DJ roots in the nightclub business and have been DJ's most of their lives. I feel that life-long & extended nightclub experience brings a unique value to an event because the DJ knows how to read & respond to what is working for the guests & what is not. Our style is to focus on great music first & talking second. We'll make all the announcements you desire, & host your event in a professional manner, but we won't be 'gabby.'
I know first hand that a nightclub dj could evolve & adapt to play more professional events like wedding receptions & corporate events. Conversely, if you tried to put a gabby-radio personality type of DJ into a situation with a live dance floor it may prove to be more of a challenge for a positive dancing response. I wholeheartedly beleive in the unique value of having a club-experienced DJ who'll possess a more intimate relationship & command over the dance floor.

After over 600 wedding receptions, we've developed a replicable planning session format complete with printed templates & timelines that all full circle DJ's follow. This template allows for client input & 'customization' to come up with a final documented plan & a visual timeline format unique to your event. We can share these planning documents with the client prior to the event so there is a common understanding of the event plan & can bring extra copies to share with other vendors in the common interest of a smooth flowing event.

To date (April, 2011), we have not missed on delivering on a contracted event for any reason. <knock on wood>