Whether you are planning a

  • wedding reception,
  • corporate function,
  • theme party,
  • house party,
  • engagement party,
  • birthday party,
  • holiday party,
  • reunion, or
  • any reason to have a party or gathering, although our niché is wedding receptions & corporate functions.

We offer experience, expertise, and professionalism; combine that with a dynamic library of music of most major music genres, & select ethnicities, we can satisfy almost every musical entertainment need.

We also offer the opportunity for a comprehensive interview session with your dj to offer you a tailored musical selection centered around the theme of your event. Our library boasts thousands of titles and we can perform strictly from digital cd, or include vinyl records with up to three turntables for that classic dj style and flair.

Because what you hear should not be a surprise...

If you wish, to be less hands-on with the musical planning, you can leave the play-list selections & responsibilities to us. We have the experience to play music appropriate for any event, and can "read the crowd" and adjust as necessary.

In a market where just about every DJ/service has sacrificed the fidelity quality of sound for the convenience of portability; we're proud to differentiate our service with a of better quality of product.
We prefer NOT to use MP3's as a source of music. MP3's are compressed music files that have a lower quality of fidelity and harmonic range than normal CD's; the quality of our sound is important to us & should be to you too.
It's like having fresh-squeezed orange juice vs concentrate; both would satisfy your thirst, but full-quality audio sounds so much "tastier."
We also rout our sound through Sonic Maximizer's or DSP's for richer sound quality without more volume.

We can also be your professional outsouced audio-engineer & production resource for corporate events too.
Including mic's & audio for presentations & multi-mic needs for panel-discussion formats too.

If you are seeking a beat-mixed, dance-party we can do that too; our beat-mix / night club experience dates back to the 80's; fog & light shows are also available by consultation & request. Music can include the familiar classics, including house, retro & trash disco, or hard thumping' imports continuously beat-mixed all night long.
- Excellent option for all-night dance parties for that night-club or rave-like music experience.

Night-club work available by consultation.

Owner is FCC Licensed Broadcaster, providing musical entertainment in TX. since 1984.

full circle media also has several select dj partner / employee's that have received specific & focused hands-on training & mentoring at live events in the styles & methods of executing a full circle media event.

full circle media (fcm) is the proprietorship of Kevin G. Smith, founded in 1996
providing dj services in a professional manner since attending high-school in the mid 80's.

fcm leverages from the varying and individual talents of the founder. It is the concept of providing dj and custom multi-media project services including commemorative video albums, DVD production services, podcasts, and other cutting edge forms of multi-media & content creation.

My life-philosophy is to live life with good karma, and good-karma will come back to you, 'full circle.'
All of this ties into the philosophy of branding my company full circle media, and I appreciate your consideration in full circle media.