Preserve your memories on DVD, a media format designed to last many decades vs. only 15 for VHS.

Easier to store & file, takes up less space, and thanks to the digital & computing revolution, dvd player devices are now more accessible than VHS players.

We'll take your existing non-copyrighted video or home video material and digitize your content using digitization hardware tools. Once digitized,
your video can be encoded onto DVD-R media, using the standard MPEG-2, which can then be enjoyed in most home, and portable DVD players as well as computers too.

If you wish to convert material that may be copywrighted, such as corporate videos, explicit written permission crafted in a legal &
binding fashion, on company letterhead, will be required to duplicate the work. This document requires that a company representative
assumes the legal authority to authorize the service and will be confirmed before service is rendered.

What can I put on DVD?

ESTIMATED Pricing & Details
- limit of 120 minutes of video per DVD to yield best digitization quality of video vs. higher compression needed to accommodate longer projects.
- when consolidating video from more than 4 sources, a fee of $10 will apply for each additional source media
- $65 fee for digitization Process, up to 30 minutes of source footage
- $119 fee for digitization Process, up to 60 minutes of source footage
- $179 fee for digitization Process, up to 120 minutes of source footage
- $35 for 1 DVD,
- $26 for 10 DVD,
- $20 for 25 DVD
- Plastic DVD Cases with sleeves available, you can also provide your own artwork for case sleeve artwork.

Longer projects can exponentially increase production time.